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News Update

April 29,2009

The Discovery of an Illegal Paramilitary Training Camp in Clark and Arrests of Foreign Mercenary Trainor and Ex-Soldiers

Please let us spread the Truth on the arrest of a Foreign mercenary trainor, and six ex-navy SWAG recruits of a suspected Magdalo.

Pls POST or PASS this report. Presidential Anti-Organize Crime Commission This is a chronology of events which led to the discovery of the ILLEGAL PARAMILITARY TRAINING CAMP of ex-SWAG soldiers and members of Magdalo group and their foreign trainor on April 23, 2009 resulting in the apprehension of above mentioned individuals besides the Firing Range located inside Clark International Airport Corporation’s area of operation:
1. Sometime in mid-January 2009, I received a tip regarding a paramilitary training and recruitment operation inside Clark. I went to Eagle Gun Club in Clark to verify said tip. While walking around the vicinity, I saw an edifice with an adjoining walled area. I was told it is a private course for VIP Security Training and soon after I discovered that the adjoining area enclosed is purportedly the Eagle Tactical Gun Club which is separate from the Eagle Gun Club. It was estimated that there is a large training area there of about 17 hectares, which is much bigger than the Clark Eagle Gun Club;

2. As a matter of standard operating procedure on intelligence gathering, we at PAOCC made inquiries on the status and profile of Gun clubs and shooting ranges in Clark. There was only one firing range on record: Unified Sports, Inc. with an expired lease contract. There was no record of any other company who has leased, or applied for a lease, of land for a shooting range, more so for a VIP Security Training facility. There was also a report that could not yet be verified at that time that a certain Cel Yulo was behind the subleased area;

3. Upon further scrutiny, it turned out that the Clark Eagle Gun Club was being used as a front to cover the larger training area illegally subleased to the Eagle Tactical Gun Club purportedly owned by a certain Jose Luis “Cel” Yulo;

4. I contacted CIAC CEO Jose Luciano and went to his office to discuss the matter. He said he knew of the expired Lease Contract with Unified Sports signed with CDC before and has not renewed it. He was not aware of the sub-lease of the facility to others and said that it is ground for termination. He said that sub-leasing CIAC property to anyone for that matter is illegal. He was not also aware of Mr. Yulo’s range or any company conducting training of whatever kind. We agreed to keep in close contact on this matter.

5. Subsequent to said actions, I tapped our intelligence and monitoring network, deployed “humint” (human intelligence) and laid out multi-level monitoring and established the following:

a) Cel Yulo thru Anthony Newman is sub-leasing from Unified Sports, owned by a certain Rosey Labayog without expressed approval from CIAC, thus the training facility is clandestine and illegal.

 b) Clark Eagle Tactical Gun Club is also not a direct lessee of CIAC, and that only Unified Sports Inc. had a lease from Clark which expired last Jan. 2009.

c) Ex-Navy SWAG soldiers are being recruited by Magdalo group for training in the illegal camp.

d) The training program was more than the standard training for VIP Security, but actually a paramilitary training facility which includes Sniper and Advance Sniper courses, Assault tactical drills.

e) They were also constantly training prisoner rescue operations, tactical explosive entry, and ambushcades with rescue drills. f) Foreign trainors are conducting the training without proper permits and working visas.

6. On March 30, 2009, our monitoring team submitted A Top Secret document to me that became the basis of my report to Her Excellency, the President.

7. The following evening, we met with the Col. Ralph L. Mamauag, PAF, Commander PG of the PSG who is directly in charge of protecting the First Family and discussed moves to effect a possible arrest of the foreign trainors and the trainees while in actual training. He said he would take it up with the CG of the PSG.

8. I also called CIAC CEO Jose Luciano a few days later to set a meeting to update him on what we have discovered, and coordinate for possible actions to stop this build up of assault capabilities of private groups with former SWAG soldiers identified with Magdalo.

9. Our monitoring team sent information that the training of the batch of Ex-SWAG in the camp has concluded and the training of the next batch is not yet known. The crash of the Presidential Chopper and the Holy Week caused a standstill to all our plans and activities.

10. On April 21, 2009 I conferred with DES Susana Vargas on this current critical situation and suggested that to avoid a confrontation which is risky and politically explosive, we will just ask the BID to summon the foreign Trainors and have them deported if evidences so warrant. Then we shall initiate a continuing investigation on the Training camp for possible prosecution of its operators. 11. Upon this advice, we coordinated with B.I.D. Commissioner Marcelino Libanan and made the proper coordination with the concerned personnel of the B.I.D., C.I.A.C, C.I.D.G., A.C.O.P. ,

12. A Mission Order was secured from Bureau of Immigration and Deportation on April 23, 2009. It was served on the afternoon of the same day.

13. The Immigration agent, Eric Anthony Gan, was accompanied by our Intel Director Mariano Villafuerte, III for monitoring purposes and also as civilian volunteer tasked to identify the foreign trainors. However, much to their surprise, there were several Magdalo/Ex-SWAG recruits in the lecture room with holstered firearms and other high caliber weapons.

14. Six were apprehended with Anthony Newman, while around 11 other armed recruits have escaped in two vehicles, a Trooper and an Adventure. I personally tried to block the two vehicles head on with my SUV but the two vehicles retreated and executed escape maneuvers;

15. The BID took custody of Mr. Anthony Newman and brought him directly to the Bicutan BID Detention Center, while the Angeles City Police took custody of the six former soldiers. The Angeles City Fiscal conducted an inquest on the Magdalo/SWAG ex-soldiers and was released for further investigation and is now under cognizance of their lawyer.

16. In a report given to my office, it showed that upon initial interrogation of Mr. Newman, he admitted that he was indeed connected with the Clark Eagle Gun Club. More importantly, he is in the business of training people on VIP Security without a corresponding permit and/or license from pertinent Philippine agencies. The defence of Mr. Newman on this hinges entirely on his claim that he is conducting training for the deployment of his “recruits” and “trainees” to Iraq and Afghanistan.

17. Still based on said report of the interrogation conducted, Newman also admitted that he was a co-owner of PFC Safeguards Asia-Pacific, Incorporated. Again however, Newman failed to produce documents in proof of such.

18. Amidst the innuendos and the desperate attempts made by the apprehended persons to justify their illegal actions, it is still undisputed that an ILLEGAL RECRUITMENT and UNLAWFUL PARAMILITARY TRAINING was being conducted by these people and ILLEGAL TRAINING FACILITIES were being constructed and operated for such purposes. These three (3) violations alone confirm that the situation is indeed both serious and dangerous.

Anent the foregoing premises and the apparent gravity of the offenses committed, a conference with the NBI, Angeles PNP, CIDG and the BID was prompted. The personnel of these agencies took the initiative to come up with a recommendation on the possible charges that may be put up against these people.

Thus, the consensus was to recommend charges for Violations of P.D. 1866 as amended in light of the findings that several high powered firearms and handguns were found to be in the possession of individuals other than the one they were registered to and there are still numerous high powered firearms inside their quarters; for having in his name or control shares of stock, property, or business, reserved by the constitution or laws to citizens of the Philippines, and/or for intervening in the management operation, administration or control thereof whether as officer or employee and/or for knowingly adding, assisting or abetting in the planning, consummation or perpetration of any of the acts enumerated in the Anti-Dummy Law (P.D. No. 715) Violations of Immigration Laws for engaging in gainful occupation and/or business in the Philippines despite being a holder of a mere Tourist visa , for Illegal Recruitment in the light of Newman’s defence that he was training individuals for deployment abroad without the requisite permit from the POEA and other government agencies, Illegal Use of Uniform and Insignia in light of the fact that the apprehended individuals were wearing and in fact had in possession of elite Philippine Navy SWAG uniforms, patches and the like , for Violations of the Anti-Dummy Law as it appears that Filipino citizens are being used as dummies while factual ownership lies with a foreigner particularly Newman, and lastly when all premises taken together and after unmasking the true intent and purpose of these concerted activities, for determination of probable Violations of R.A. 9732.

This is the initial assessment of the agencies that were involved in the above operations. We, as a matter of protocol, will defer to the sound judgment of the Honorable Office of the Justice Secretary in the determination of what charges should be filed in court against the people involved in this evil scheme.

Considering the potential probabilities that can arise out of these concerted criminal offenses, we cannot afford to take the gamble against its chilling consequences. All of the foregoing enumerated offences constitute specific criminal acts and should be filed separately from each other. But if woven together as part of a scenario that interlinks each of those offenses, these shall constitute a far greater and more grievous crime, once the threads of all the specific offences are put together.

Decidedly, the action that we have taken in the light of this scenario was at the very least to pre-empt the proponent of these unlawful designs and to deter them when exposed, from their more heinous objectives and nefarious activities.

The detrimental impact on the society as a whole was avoided because of its timely detection. However, we must continue with our vigilance for the job is far from done. A swift and precise prosecution of the perpetrators of these criminal acts should be laid immediately. These men should be made accountable, and the rule of law upheld.

PAOCC Commissioner Grepor Butch Belgica


Previous Updates

A Letter to the Philippine Star Editor

Rash judgment is brought about when facts are not known. Attached is a letter of the Commissioner to the Philippine Star, the source of the article.
The police report does not refer to the prestigious alumni of the fraternity, but to the current crop of kids involved in violence nowadays. A few days ago, another young life was sniffed and wasted in Laguna: the parent claimed their daughter was recruited by a Tau Gamman, a victim of hazing and molestation.
The commission's concern is the protection and guidance of our children. We are in fact soliciting the help of the responsible alumni of the prestigious fraternities to help address this growing problem among our youth.
Manny Canizares
Senior Staff to the PAOCC Commissioner


Dear Editor

On the outset, allow me to assure the alumni of the fraternities (Beta Sigma, APO, AKRHO, Tau Gama, etc.) mentioned in a news item of Philippine Star on January !8, 2009  that I share with them the anxiety caused by the article. The said article was not a press release written by my office. It was a news feature by news reporter, Ms. Cecille Suerte Felipe, who got hold of a copy of our yearend report with attached declassified intelligence information.

I perceived that the mention of the names of some prestigious fraternity was presented in a somewhat different manner from the one in our yearend report and in the declassified intelligence report, thus, the reactions from the fraternities’ alumni.

The alumni of the fraternities mentioned, I am sure, are not the same violent-prone members of fraternities monitored as existing outside the academe and in the streets, which was mentioned in the NCRPO intelligence report. As I understand in the briefing, the name of some legitimate fraternities came up in some violent incidents reported and validated information coming from the field.

 Of course, I also know that the alumni do not assume command responsibility for the criminal acts of these erring kids. In fact I hope and wish for a positive response of concern as they are now parents themselves. May I therefore solicit their help to address this problem of organized delinquency and substance abuse?

By the way, I did belong to some youth group and fraternity. And so I am still doing my best to reach out and share the Love of God, country and neighbor, to avoid the pitfalls we experienced.

I send my love and prayers to them, and to their families too. Mabuhay kayo!