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Applying principles from God's Word in civil government is wisdom and honors the true King! Flat Tax is patterned after God's tithes system. We advocate a One-time one-kind tax of not more than ten percent from income only to acknowledge God is sovereign over man. Man shouldn't exact tribute from his fellow man more than what God demands for His own Government. WATCH and PASS Flat Tax by Greco Belgica at YouTube

Grepor Butch Belgica

Current Updates

Supreme Court Decision on Pork Barrel Unconstitutional

Greco Antonious Beda B. Belgica, et al


Hon. Executive Secretary Paquito N. Ochoa, et al.

GR Number 208566
19 November 2013

September 2008

Butch Belgica  receives appointment from
The Office of the President of the Philippines
as Commissioner for Anti-Organized Crime

Philippine President Gloria Aroyo congratulates
new Anti-Organized Crime Commissioner Butch Belgica

The National Reform Association

1. Civil government is one of the 3 God-ordained institutions established by God's providence for the preservation of mankind for His divine purpose. (Family and Church governments are the other two).

2. The purpose of civil government is to provide order and preserve peace among individuals, families and tribes in an established society, through laws and ordinances, to enjoy individual liberty, create opportunities for prosperity, and have freedom in the pursuit of happiness.

3. God, the Supreme Ruler of the nations, commands governments to exercise righteousness and dispense justice in order to preserve man and the world. Without righteousness there will be chaos; without justice--bloodshed. (Isa. 5:7)
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Office of Undersecretary Grepor Butch Belgica




RE: A Five-Year Program Towards a Drug-Free Filipino Nation

Date: October 2010

Please find attached a brief on a Comprehensive Anti-Illegal Drugs Program the undersigned personally prepared for consideration.

From Darkness to Light


At 16, Butch Belgica figured

in a celebrated homicide case. 

After  conviction, he spent

the next eleven and a half years

in the National Penetentiary.... (read)

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An Autobiography
Author: Butch Belgica
Published between 1987 and 1991

Refer to Philippine Bibliography: 
Asian Reading Room (Library of Congress)
keyword: BELGICA

One journeys through life and his life becomes a book - Creating for him a new totality, and identity without which, such life will be formless, inchoate even.

Bro. Butch Belgica's book is the story of a search for a more profound meaning of life, a deeper sense of worth as a Christian, a life which would fulfill the promises of Genesis: "Then God says, Let us make man in our image, in our likeness."

Bro. Butch's life will not pass as an unremembered season, for his life is a fulfillment of a sacrifice to bring glory to the Lord.

I recomend this book to all believers whose faith in the Lord transcends their own lives.

Nards Jimenez                     
Chairman, Prison Fellowship,

The Island Evangel

A 72 feet, 100 tonner boat with a built-in chapel on the lower deck and a Medical Missions Clinic on the main deck  is manned by eight ... (more)


The Tale of the Miracle Wheat


Three hundred- fifty thousand pounds of wheat have arrived here in the Philippines, shipped by the Glimpse of Jesus Missions.... (read)


The Urchins For Jesus Missions

Just like spiky urchins scattered at sea, these children are scattered in the streets and market places of Metro Manila.  Many of whom are children of destitute adults who have grown up from being urchins themselves... (read)