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Friends who hear of my stories would ask, Have you met Mommy Olga?  I would always wonder why they ask me about somebody who is as Mother Theresa in the Philippines ... somebody whom I have known only by name but has been one whom  I have considered as a hero, or a woman of courage, one who came down in history, and probably whose life should be seen in the movies ... and read about in books.... and for me to meet her can only happen in a dream !

My fist prison ministry  was in college,1981,  when Pastor James Joaquin, our youth pastor trained us and brought us to minister to the jail in Benguet.

 When I was ready for ministry, I was 24 years old , and  alone in Kalinga Apayao, one of the main things that I remember to be very meaningful during my stay there as a minister of the Word, is that day, the 25th of December,  we celebrated with the prisoners their first Christmas in that jailhouse.  Engr. Orprecio has been so kind to bring some food and lechon and yes, it was a very emotional experience to see prisoners give their lives to the Lord, understanding truly that God loves them and gave His Son  for their  hope and their future.

Prison ministry has always been in my heart since then and a vacation to the Philippines would not be complete if I had not seen a jailhouse.

As I met with people who had the same love for those in prison, I would hear of stories about a woman named Mommy Olga.  It has been a story that I hear from anybody I met who have seen the prison or have been incarcirated one time or another.  For me, she is a historical figure and a real-life hero.

In the back of Mommy Olga's book: "The Men in my Life", Pastor Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa introduces  Olga Roberson:  a woman of Lebanese heritage, who began her work in New Bilibid Prison in 1957.  She works there among the prisoners sentenced to death, the 'lifers' and juvenile delinquents - 9000 men. ... Her faith has given her courage to stick to her work through bloody riots, the nightmare of being taken hostage, and the heartbreak of standing by some of 'her boys as their death sentence was carried out...."

Picture taken in her home in So. California

Mommy Olga and me.

To meet her in person, to hear her stories and to just know that she is this "ïcon"that I have always heard about for the past 25 years, sitted  right beside me.... one dream that I still ask: was I awake?... was I really  there?... this picture proves me indeed, I'm blessed !